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2 hours 19 minutes ago

Q2 Weather: Summer reruns

Even though Autumn begins next Monday September 22, It's been kind of cold lately and some folks might have been wondering when Fall begins. Fall begin at 8:29 PM September 22. The good news here is that it's not Fall yet and we still have one more week of Summer. The next 3 days may finally to begin to feel more like summer. Out high temperatures should get up into the mid 80's and overnight lows will once again be in the mid to upper 50's. It's going to feel more like summer reruns, after that last week's little cool spell, you know, the one with the snow last week. The average High temperature For Billings in September is 73.1 degrees. Right now we are averaging 69.1 degrees. This bump in the temperatures next week, should go a long way in getting us back on track for high temperatures for the month of September. Enjoy the warm up next week.

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