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9 hours 21 minutes ago

Q2 Weather: A touch of Autumn in the air

Our 30 year average high temperature for this time of Year is 82 degrees. So the week ahead is not expected to be anywhere near that. In fact, it almost feels like there is a touch of Autumn in the air. The days can be warm but the nights are usually cool. That is a sure sign that summer in coming to a close, the Fall is about to begin. Only in this case, most of the day time highs are 10 degrees cooler than Normal this weekend and we remain in the 70's through most of next week too. Our Overnight lows are all hovering in the low 50's, with Thursday night chilling out to 47. One thing is nice, these room-like temperatures are great for watching or playing football in. By the way, that just got underway, this Friday Night too. One other note for the night. It was 9 years ago today, that the folks along the Gulf coast began cleaning up after Hurricane Katrina.

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